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Royeshgar Seed and Feed Producer Device

Some of the features of growing room system Royeshgar : ← Crop production (fresh forage and the bud) organic and healthy. ← Intelligent control system with automatic irrigation. ← Save the consumption of water and electricity (the ability

Introduction to Hydroponic Feed

An introduction to hydroponics forage: Due to the importance of saving water in agriculture and animal husbandry sector in Iran, more modern systems we feed the world introduce. One of the items discussed in feed production industry in the

Royeshgar Vegtable and frouits Dryer

The company Royeshgar  in order to complete the line production of buds proceeded to build a drying machine for Wii. These dryers for all kinds of vegetables and fruits can also be used. Royeshgar drying devices that are used for domestic and

Royeshgar Seed Producer Device

Royeshgar devices, manufacture of edible buds: Buy all kinds of Royeshgar devices: ← Devices (Royeshgar ) produces edible buds ← Machines bud for industrial and sanitary ← Sprouting types of dryers ← Production of wheat germ, lentils,

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